Best nursing essays

A crisis of tragedy





1.A time in my life when I experienced a crisis of tragedy was the year I lost a loved one by the first time, I couldn’t believe when my grandpa passed away. It was really hard for me to understand and accept that someone important in my life has passed away. The personal growth that occurred from it was that I have to appreciate every day I get to spend time with my loved ones because you never know when is the last time you are going to hang out with them or even communicate with them. I realized that it is important to show how much you love someone, and ask for forgiveness when you can if you make a mistake to someone you have a good relationship with. I think people tend to compliment someone more when they pass away, when it shouldn’t even be like that. I think we all have to learn how to value and appreciate each moment with your loved ones. I learned after this crisis in my life to appreciate more my loved ones after day by day.

2.Shortly before my youngest first birthday I left my husband and moved into my moms house. After being a stay at home mom for almost a year, i went back to work, working part time at night. During this time I started thinking about my future and decided to go back to school. It took a few years to gain the courage to apply to the community college for my Associates of Accounting degree. Juggling work part-time, school full time and having my kids 90% of the time i relied heavily on my mom for child care. After two and a half years of hard work (even during vacations) I finally graduated in 2017. Two years later I decided to do it again after losing a full time job. This decision was also so I could spend more time with my kids. Going back to school has given me a sense purpose outside of work. I’ve grown more responsible in dealing with day to day life. I have gained so much self worth from taking the leap and going to college.