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In favor of bullying




This Unit’s Discussion Prompt

Choose one of the following videos to watch and respond to the question(s) below it:

  1. Video 1- Bullied to Death in America- (Links to an external site.)Obviously, no one is in favor of bullying, but we live in a very competitive, and thus, a very pushy world. We have all experienced various shades of more or less subtle coercion in school, in social settings, and the workplace.

Questions from this Video

      1. Should the school system be responsible for preventing bullying, or should the children themselves be responsible for learning how to protect themselves against bullying, so that they will be prepared to defend themselves when they grow up?
      2. What kind of policy do you think the school system should have in place regarding bullying?
      3. Scientifically, how would you define what does and does not constitute bullying? (Links to an external site.)
  1. Video 2- Cyberbullying – What??? My child wouldn’t do this! (Links to an external site.)