Advancements In Dementia Care


Assessment Title: Implementing Person Centred Care In The Workplace

This assignment consists of:

(i) a report on using the Building Effective Engagement Techniques (BEET) Tool workbook with colleagues to enable them to identify one (1) aspect of dementia care around which they will develop and implement improvements for individuals living with dementia and family carers in your workplace and

(ii) developing one (1) learning resource from the BEET Tool activities which will be used by you and your colleagues to support the implementation of practice improvements in the one (1) identified aspect of dementia care from your workplace.

What is BEET Tool? The BEET Tool is made up of workbook activities which guide practitioners through the process of working with colleagues to critically review current practices and develop implementation strategies to bring about changes to services delivered to consumers and carers. Crucial to the BEET Tool activities is structured and purposeful discussions with colleagues about the types of learning resources they will find relevant and useful for supporting their efforts to bring about changes in practice around the aspect of care identified as the area to focus on when the BEET Tool is implemented.

The BEET Tool workbook headings will be used to structure the content of the report.

The content of the learning resource needs to be evidence based and the format of the learning resource needs to engage colleagues so that when it is used in practice it will contribute to their willingness to review and change their current ways of working.

The Beet Tool Workbook report and learning resource need to be converted to a PDF document for electronic submission to turnitin in the subject e-Learning site. You might need to photograph the learning resource so you can create into a PDF document and submit it electronic