Mental Health And Illness


You are a registered nurse working in an acute inpatient mental health facility.
You are required to choose a patient from the patient handover resource file in the Assessment folder on the NSG3MHI LMS. Please read the information you have been provided on your patient and address the following issues relevant to their care.
following issues relevant to their care.
1. Please provide a summary of the person’s diagnosis.
2. Identify the signs and symptoms of your patients diagnosed mental illness.
3. Highlight your patients legal status and explain what it means to your patient and the care you provide. Outline any relevant issues.
4. Discuss the medication prescribed to your patient. Discuss use, dosage and possible side affects.
5. Report on your patients physical well-being. Highlight any current or potential future concerns.
6. Discuss your patients risk assessment. Identify any issues.
7. Consider any potential stigma and discrimination that may impact on your patient’s recovery process
8. Report on your patients social welfare. Outline any potential issues.
9. Discuss the support you could provide to your patients family, and or carer.