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Nursing Care And Decision Making


(1)In this worksheet you will be asked to comment on the homeostatic control mechanisms which operate during increased activity,  Dan is undertaking a five mile road run.  During the run his heart rate increases to 154bpm; his respiration rate increases to 50 respirations per minute and his temperature rises to 39?c.  There is an increase in cellular respiration and energy use.  Analyse the change in each of the physiological readings; include in your analysis a discussion of the normal homeostatic control mechanisms for each.

(2) Assess the impact of acute glomerulonephritis on the structure and function of the kidneys and on the process of osmoregulation.

(3) Third-degree burns are full-thickness burns involving the entire thickness of the skin.  Explain the effects of this serious injury on the normal function of the skin, and its structures.  Consider the effects of hyperthermia and hypothermia in the body; noting how the body works to bring the temperature within the homeostatic range for body temperature.