Nursing Transition


An exercise intervention for breast cancer survivors with bone loss (Twiss, J.J., Waltman, N. L., Berg, K., Ott, C.D., Gross, G.J., & Lindsey, A.M., 2009).
Skim the article and identify the parts of this research study by writing them down in the assignment questions below. Remember to use each question aspect as a heading in your response.
1.Who is/are the researcher(s)? What are their credentials?
2.Is this a quantitative or a qualitative study?
3.What is the underlying paradigm of the study?
4.What is the purpose of the study: identification, description, exploration, explanation, and/or prediction/control?
5.Is this study an example of applied or basic research and why?
6.the relevance of the study to nursing