1- He is at Risk of fall due to visual impairment, hearing loss and confusion.
2- wondering away from venue getting lost and/or being exposed to harm due to dementia, wondering behavior and confusion.
3- Needs Behavioral management due to getting into other residents’ room, and wandering behavior. can you discuss these 3 aspects as signs and symptoms of his condition and relate these to the patho?
4-  Diet management due to his T2DB and hypercholesterolemia( he is not on any meds for high cholesterol), which might impact on his BGL and cholesterol level if they haven’t been managed.
5- Pain management due to his Chronic lower back pain, which might impact on his ADLs. can you link pain as a sign and symptom of his condition/patho?
6- Ingesting toiletries and small objects due to dementia and confusion.