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This assignment will measure the outcome of osteoarthritis in the hips and knees.


Osteoarthritis in the hip and knee can cause pain and swelling in the joint of the body, such as the hip or knee.

The inflammation of the joints and injury caused by the destruction of the cartilage tissues is what causes osteoarthritis.

The ICHOM Standard Set assists both patients and physicians in overcoming the problems associated with hip and knee osteoarthritis.

The development stages of osteoarthritis play a significant role in the outcome of the disease.

Because osteoarthritis can be a chronic disease, it is essential to determine the stages of its development.

The ICHOM Standard Set consists of a group physicians who help patients assess the effects of the problem.

This allows patients to live a more fulfilling life.

Support must be provided by the doctor for both surgical and nonsurgical treatment.

As bone growth happens at the edges of joints, patients with this condition experience pain in their joints.

Osteoarthritis damages the cartilages, and inflammation occurs in the tissues.

The doctor has the responsibility of convincing the patients to undergo the treatment.

The treatment can include intra articular injections, medication, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, capsaicin and cream.

Some patients may not be capable of continuing the treatment.

Patients who are unable to continue long-term treatment can use the ICHOM Standard Set.

They can provide recommendations to monitor the pain via a numeric pain rating scale.