BHB2005 Research Methods


Write a report on Scholarship – Understanding medical education.



Medical students need not only the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain admission to medical school, but also financial resources to pay for their education.

The average cost of medical school is about $50,000 annually (Kuther 2018.)

This is compounded by the demanding curriculum and time schedule of medical schools.

Scholarships are available to help students with exceptional potential from diverse backgrounds, so they can pursue their dreams and finish their medical education.

There would be many qualified and worthy students who could not be supported by financial aid if money was a barrier to their dreams.

A typical medical school student graduates with debts of around $200,000, and that is why scholarships are so important. (Medical School 2018).

Many generous donors have helped create these scholarships and supported medical education.

There are many scholarships and financial aid programs that can help students manage these expenses.

Each year, the AAMC provides details about scholarship opportunities for medical students.

The American Medical Association announces scholarships for deserving medical student (Kuther 2018.

Today’s definitions of scholarship are more expansive and flexible than ever before.

These scholarships are more than financial aid for scholars in education. They can also be a valuable source to support academic activity as well as productivity in the medical area.

These scholarships will make medical students feel more motivated and empowered.

It is obvious that scholarships are becoming increasingly important in the United States.

Kuther T. (2018). How Much Does Medical School cost?