CMP9400B Doctoral Comprehensive Examination-Business


Q 1: Theory

Research is guided by theories. They are essential for organizing and making sense out of the results.

There is no universal definition of what theory is, despite the importance of theory-building in project management.

Because your dissertation should contribute to theory, it is important that you have an understanding of all theories, types, and ways to contribute to theory. Also, be able to explain how your study contributes directly to theory.

Part 1

Use Gelso (2006). Harlow (2009). Stam, H. (2007-2010), Wacker (1999) and five other peer-reviewed articles to discuss scholarly views about the nature and types theory.

Comparing at least three different views of what constitutes an theory, including the one that you will use in Part 3, of this question.

Make sure you distinguish theory and related concepts like paradigm, model, concept, and hypothesis.

Part 2

Ellis & Levy (2008) and Harlow, E. (2009) are used as examples. Five additional peer-reviewed articles are also used.

Talk about at least three possible ways research can be used to support theory.

Part 3

In Part 1, you will identify a theory of current interest that is directly related to the topic of your dissertation.

Articles published in the last five year on a theory are considered to be current of interest.

At least 10 peer-reviewed research articles should be used.

Discuss how the theory may enhance our understanding of your field of project management and/or research topic.

Examine and analyze the literature regarding two areas of controversy or unanswered question related to the theory.

Q2: Practical Application

Your dissertation research must be based on theory.

Your research and the theory it contributes to theory may have practical benefits or applications.

However, there are likely to be a practical application of the theory you have developed in your dissertation area.

Part 1

Consider at least five articles from peer-reviewed journals or scholarly books to discuss your views on the relationship of theory and practice.

What role can theory play in guiding or influencing practice?

What are the challenges involved in translating theory into practice

Remember the theories that you talked about in Question 1.

Part 2

Referring at least five articles from peer-reviewed journals, write a detailed description of a theory that is currently of interest to you.

Articles published in the last five year on a theory are considered to be current of interest.

The theory you are currently examining may be different than the one in Question 1 Part 3.

The current view should be portrayed, not the founder’s or a classic view.

Your answer should not exceed three pages.

Part 3

Identify at minimum five scholarly articles that have been published within the last five years and which address the application of the theory.

Refer to Part 1 for a definition of what you mean by “application of a theory to a problem or situation”.

Critically evaluate whether the theory is appropriate for the intended uses.

For example, consider: Is the theory and scope of the application understood?

Does the application “go beyond” the theory?

Does the reasoning that links theory and application work?