Lisinopril And Caution In Renal Impairment


Discuss the Lisinopril And Caution In Reproductive Impairment.


Indications include hypertension, heart disease and a decrease in mortality rates in acute myocardial damage.

Dosage for Adults: Initial dosage: 10 mg once daily; Maintenance dose: 20-40 mg once per day. Maximum dose: 80 mg orally every day.

Cautions and Contraindications

Negative Effects: Diazziness, headaches and hypotension. Chest pain, renal impairment. Hyperkalemia. Liver dysfunction. Angioedema.

Nursing Implications

Before and after drug administration: Start drug use within the first 24 hours of an episode of acute MI. Keep patient closely monitored;

Teaching points: It should be taken only once per day. Avoid vomiting or dehydration.

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