PHI 511 Foundations Of Public Health


Discussion: Topics and Research


The topic chosen as the topic for the doctoral research premise is the issues and the challenges of obtaining consent from patients.

“Issues & challenges in obtaining surgery consent from patients” would be the title of the doctoral dissertation.

These are the research questions that will assist the entire paper in reaching its primary goal, based on the chosen premise for the doctoral research.

Primary Q.1: What challenges are faced by physicians when obtaining consent for surgery from patients?

Secondary Q.2 Why patients refuse consent to surgery?

Secondary Q.3 How high is the death rate during surgery?

Secondary Q.4 What diseases do doctors need to suggest surgery for?

It is important to review a specific data set in order to prioritize the questions and achieve a successful result (Bilimoria, 2013).

The secondary data which will be used to support the research paper are journal articles that cover the challenges patients face during surgery, issues doctors have to deal with when consenting for surgery and diseases that require surgical treatment. Also, government data about the death rate during surgery (Kinnersley and al., 2013).

Due to the fact that the above aspects are closely related, secondary data will be needed on these aspects.

An accurate death rate cannot be determined without the help of government records.

Evaluation and development of the universal ACS NSQIP surgeon risk calculator: a decision tool and informed consent tool for patients as well as surgeons.

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Interventions to promote informed consent in patients undergoing surgery and other invasive procedures.