Nurse Educator

Educator role



Write a 2 page article about the history of and trends in nursing and nursing education

· 1. Explain five key historical influences on nursing and nursing education today. Be sure to address why these influences are important and how they have had an impact (PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THIS IS YELLOW)

· 2. Analyze three trends that you believe will impact nursing and nursing education in the future. Explain how those trends relate to what you understand about nursing history (PLEASE HIGHLIGHT THIS IN GREEN)



Here are some resources to utilize below…


Dossey, B. M., Rosa, W. E., & Beck, D.-M. (2019). Nursing and the Sustainable Development Goals: From Nightingale to now. AJN, American Journal of Nursing119(5), 44–49.

McDonald, L. (2021). Florence Nightingale’s nursing and health care: The worldwide legacy, as seen on the bicentenary of her birth. SciMedicine Journal3(1), 51–58.

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