Quality Improvement Presentation Poster


Create an abstract (minimum 100 words) with an online poster for a presentation for a quality improvement plan to executive-level leadership. This will build upon your scenario in the change strategy and implementation assignment.

Abstract Requirements

· Your abstract should be 100–250 words.

· It should summarize the key information in your poster.

· Do not put your abstract on the poster itself; submit it as a separate document. Or, if you are using PowerPoint to help create your poster, create a new slide that is clearly labeled as your abstract.

Poster Requirements

· Your poster should include the following sections:

. Quality Improvement Methods.

. Evidence Supporting QI Methods.

. Change Strategy Foundation.

. Interprofessional Team Benefits.

. Overall Project Benefits


· 1: Design patient-centered, evidence-based, advanced nursing care for achieving high-quality patient outcomes.

. Evaluate specific evidence that supports the quality improvement methods proposed.

· 2: Develop change strategies for improving the care environment.

. Explain how the project is grounded in successful change strategies.

· 3: Apply quality improvement methods to practice that promote safe, equitable quality of care.

. Propose quality improvement methods to promote continuous improvement related to a specific biopsychosocial consideration.

· 4: Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of interprofessional care systems in achieving desired health care improvement outcomes.

. Analyze the way in which interprofessional teamwork will improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the quality improvement project