Ethical Case Study Powerpoint 12 Sliders

Ethical case Study #3

Melissa started on the unit as a new graduate 5 weeks ago. She is still in orientation and has a good relationship with her preceptor. The preceptor has been assigned consistently to Melissa for most of the last 4 weeks, but due to a family emergency has not been available in the last week. Melissa has been told that she will be precepted by a different nurse for the remainder of her orientation. The new preceptor has not been welcoming, supportive, or focused on the educational goals of the orientation. ln fact, this new preceptor has voiced to all who will listen her feelings about the incompetence of new BSN graduates.

The crisis occurs when Melissa fails to recognize a patient’s confusion as a result of an adverse medication effect. The preceptor berates Melissa in the nurses’ station, makes sarcastic comments in shift report about the “inability of university-educated nurses to recognize the basics,” and informs the nurse manager “that new graduates are a danger to patients.” Melissa tells you that she thinks she should resign and that maybe her previous preceptor was too easy on her. You know her preceptor is an excellent clinician and experienced teacher. What is your advice to Melissa?

1. Information organized and placed in a logical sequence (10 points) Points Awarded
2. Demonstrated knowledge of ethical dilemma presented by:


  2a. Summarized the situation (10)  
  2b. Explained the ethical dilemma (5)  
  2c. Solved the problem as a professional RN (10)  


Responses supported with specific ANA Codes


4. Visual aids professional, visually interesting

& aided in understanding material; proper grammar/spelling/punctuation-no more than 2 errors in presentation-dress for success (10)




5. Maintained eye contact of audience (10)  
6. Voice clear & audible (10)  
7. Encouraged class participation (10)


8. Reference slide that includes references in APA

format (5)

  Total points possible = 100  


Case Study Rubric