Patient satisfaction surveys and scorecards were unsatisfactory with patient emphasis on poor communication between the wound care nurses and physicians causing errors in wound care orders.



Assessment Description

Develop a PowerPoint slide presentation that’s approximately 10-12 minutes and covers ALL major areas of your project.

Be sure to address:

 site / organization: St. Francis Medical Center

– needs assessment results (or how you knew of the need for your project): Patient satisfaction surveys and scorecards were unsatisfactory with patient emphasis on poor communication between the wound care nurses and physicians causing errors in wound care orders.

– project topic: Improving the wound care departments nurse, and physician communication by improving their main communication tool (Wound Care Order Sheet)

– project goals: Improving the Wound Care Order Sheet so that there is only 1 version hospital wide, implementing the practice of reading back orders, and successfully implementing an improved tool to increase patient satisfaction and outcomes.

 project outcome (or anticipated outcome if not implemented): The organization is still doing a trial of using the new Wound Care Order Tool, but if implemented the anticipated outcome will be, a lower occurrence of wound care order errors, improved communication between nurses, physicians, and patients, and an increase in satisfactory patient surveys and scorecards.

-How was your project received by stakeholders? Positively received and trial was initiated.

-If you implemented your project, how will it be sustained? If it is not sustainable, how will the one-time implementation make a difference? PLEASE FILL IN

-If you did not implement your project, how did you perform a hand-off for the next steps?

-Ultimately, what did you learn from this project? PLEASE FILL IN

-Include an additional slide for References at the end.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.





3.6 points

Needs Assessment Results 

3.6 points

Project Topic 

4.8 points

Project Goals 

4.8 points

Project Outcome 

4.8 points


4.8 points

Project Sustainability or Hand-off for Next Steps 

4.8 points

Reflection on Project 

4.8 points

Presentation of Content

6 points


6 points

Language Use and Audience Awareness 

6 points

Mechanics of Writing

3 points

Documentation of Sources 

3 points


Total60 points




A valued and trusted community resource, St. Francis Medical Center (SFMC) was founded in 1945. SFMC is in Lynwood, CA and serves the healthcare needs of the communities of Southeast Los Angeles. SFMC is a 384-bed acute care hospital and one of the largest and busiest emergency and Level II trauma centers in Los Angeles County, treating more than 80,000 emergencies and 2,000 trauma injuries a year. We are approved by the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency as a Primary Stroke Care Center and a STEMI Receiving Center. We have won awards from the American Heart Association for our commitment to heart, stroke and diabetes care.




· Mrs. Sylvia Coleman, Director Wound Care

Practicum Project Plan/Proposal


The setting for my practicum project is within the Wound Care Department at my current employer, which has been scoring poorly when it comes to communication. I will be working with the department director Ms. Sylvia Coleman, and the project aim is to promote excellent communication within the department in order to provide an improvement on patient satisfaction ratings for the hospital. We need to give people a reason to care in order to promote a more pleasant and less stressful place to work we needed to work on the communication process amongst staff members and patients (Mazhisham et al., 2021). I found that a lot of the unsatisfactory comments regarding care were coming from the communication process within the department.

The tools I used were the different tools that the hospital uses which were the discharged patient surveys as well as inpatient score cards. I will be using the information given to decipher the problems in communication that are most common from each of the surveys collected within the last 3 months and compare them with the patient surveys prior to the change of ownership. Ongoing inpatient surveys using score cards will be used, along with discharge patient surveys to obtain the sustainability of this project. I chose to work with the Wound Care Department because I conducted some brief research and found that there were a lot of comments regarding gaps in communication in the patient surveys that were collected from their specific patients. Coincidently, these comments increased after the hospital went through a change of ownership. In order to gain a better rating from patients receiving wound care I will have to put in quite a bit of work on revamping the communication tools used for them. The current tool appeared very confusing to me, and by improving this tool it will help reconcile individual patient wound care orders, improve patient satisfaction, and increase the quality of care.