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Health is the state of physical, mental, spiritual, and social functioning that realizes a person’s potential and is experienced within a developmental context (Edelman, C. L. et al (2018). Understanding that an individual may define health in different ways and depending on their background, cultural beliefs, or experiences. So it is nurse practitioner who needs to be mindful and meet the patient’s needs. Advanced practice nurses aid in helping individuals understand their own definition of health. Since nurse practitioners hold many roles in regards to the patients they advocate for them they consult, provide delivery of services, educate (Edelman, C. L. et al (2018).

The health belief model is one that stood out to me. It breaks down being able to predict or explain health behavior. But understanding what to anticipate you can also know how to treat your patience. The health belief model provides guidelines for nurses to analyze factors that contribute to a person’s perceived state of health or risk of disease and to the individual’s probability of making an appropriate plan of action. Nurses then can determine the most appropriate intervention for a particular person through collaboration with individual (Edelman, C. L. et al (2018). Patients are most likely to participate or fall through with treatment if they can understand the benefit and it does not work against their lifestyle drastically. So, by making them involved in planning you increase your chance of compliance.



The definition of health varies from person to person. Every person defines health and health problems differently. The relationship between spirit, mind, and body plays a vital part in a person’s disease or illness since they are inextricably linked. The ultimate idea of health emphasizes ease and the absence of suffering (McCartney et al., 2019). Every culture approach and views health issues differently to avoid disease or discomfort. It is critical to comprehend and learn about various individual perspectives on health and the treatment of health-related issues. Advance practice nurse plays an important role in our healthcare system. There are several aspects of the services that advanced practice nurses provide in healthcare, such as diagnosing and treating patients of all ages at all levels of care. As the demand for healthcare services rises, advanced practice nurses deliver high-quality, cost-effective care by resolving and treating any medical condition by giving each patient-specific attention during their treatment. Nurse practitioners understand patients better than physicians and may gather a more complete health history (van Druten et al., 2022). Knowing and comprehending diverse cultures and their practices assists advanced practice nurses in promoting health practices that are appropriate for patient care. The theoretical model of health that I chose for this discussion is the Health Belief Model. A health belief model is used to assist health promotion and illness prevention. The Health Belief Model (HBM) assesses and predicts health-related behaviors, as well as helps to explain or moderate the impact of demographic variables on health behavior patterns that are changeable via health education. This model focuses on the behavioral evaluation, which is decided by the individual’s perceived advantages of and obstacles to adopting a health practice, as well as risk perception, which is determined by an individual’s perceived vulnerability to illness and disease severity. The model also contains signals to action, individuals’ health incentives for adopting a healthy habit, and self-efficacy to accomplish the needed activity (Alagili and Bamashmous, 2021).