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The topic me and my group decided to focus on is the current nurse staffing crisis.  The past 2 years during the COVID- 19 pandemic have really burdened the healthcare system due to staffing shortages and high risk conditions for patients and nurses. ANA has been addressed this issue for years. Safe nurse staffing is essential to both the nursing profession and to the overall health care system. Staffing affects the ability of all nurses to deliver safe, quality care in all practice settings. Appropriate staffing levels have multiple benefits, including: reduced mortality rates, reduced length of patient stays and reducing a number of preventable events, such as falls and infections (Nurse Staffing Crisis, 2021).

This project taught me about the importance of nurse involvement in policy advocacy. This is just another instance where health care would be improved by greater nurse involvement. It is crucial for nurses to take on leadership roles, in all settings, to meet the demands of the ever changing health care system (Nurse Staffing Crisis, 2021). Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education, training and licensure. When nurses are involved that is when change will occur. It is difficult to achieve change, but it is a possible task (Nurse Staffing Crisis, 2021).


This project has given me abundant information about the importance of policies and having an effective nursing leader or leaders in an organization. Making sure that an initiative gets to reach the targeted bodies through proper and continuous channel is as vital as implementing it for the whole organization to act in accordance with.

As a registered nurse who still works at bedside, it is relevant for me to inquire about proper and safe staffing. This initiative backed by the American Nurses Association (ANA) and other major nursing organizations called Future Advancement of Academic Nursing Act (S. 246/H.R. 851) provides much needed funding for increasing faculty to improve the education of nurses and work with key stakeholders to change current payment structures to finally recognize nurses as a valuable part of their organization (Emergency Nurses Association, 2021).

I have learned that nursing leaders go through a whole lot of process to successfully (and sometimes unsuccessful) pass a certain bill or initiative/ policy that will be benefiting the nurses and patients within the state or federally. Most of these initiatives, the least is they get the attention of congress, however, it requires great determination, support from different parties/ organizations, and progressive plans and financial support from major organizations for it to be seen and heard. With regards to this policy that we chose, a balanced approach to promote the development and implementation of valid, reliable, unit-by-unit nurse staffing plans ensure robust patient safety and optimal health outcomes(American Nurses Association, 2018). Every organization, for a policy to be executed, need nurse leaders that value the importance of including diverse voices from across nursing and healthcare outcomes(American Nurses Association, 2021).