DA217 Dental Specialty


Comparison of posterior obstruction between patients with anterior bite open and scissor bite deep.


Kun, Xu/Hou, Wang (2018) carried out a causative analysis of the anterior open bit/anterior vertical measurement and scissor-deep bite.

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DA217 Dental Specialty
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The study examined the impact of posterior occlusal elevation on the width and shape of the tooth arch. It involved 49 individuals aged between 10-27 years.

The study proposed that there would be a 2-fold increase of the anterior vertical dimension when there is an elevated posterior vertical dimension.

To effectively assess the mesial – distal and buccal-lingual relationships, the study utilized the posterior-occlusal contact relationship scoring system.

Investigators measured the amount of worn lingual or buccal cusps along the posterior teeth.

To determine the buccal-lingual relationship between cusps and cusps, arch width recordings of the individual teeth’s cusp tips were also made.

The study results revealed an elevation in the vertical dimension of posterior occlusion contacts’ buccal-lingual Cusp-to–Cusp relation.

A study based on an open bite also found that a larger mandibular arch dimension had an impact on the structure of the posterior-occlusion contacts’ buccal–lingual cusp–to-cusp relationship.

Study results showed that the important factor in tooth wear at the tip of non-supporting and supportive cusps occurred when the cusp was to-cusp.

The study results completely disproved the study hypothesis. It revealed that anterior vertical occlusion developed under the influence of posterior buccal–lingual cusp–to-cusp relationship configuration.

In other words, the buccallingual cusps-to-cusp relation pattern that produced the wide range of deep and open bites was directly responsible for the observed variation.


Comparison of posterior obstruction between patients with anterior bite open and scissor bite deep.

J Int Med Res. 2284-2291.