If you’re not a fan of formal writing A persuasive essay is something you are going to like. The writing task will require your reader to consider your point of view into consideration. An argumentative essay demands the use of different strategies to show your argument. It is not the place to use stats or facts that are not true in this essay format.

Persuasive writings are in some way similar to argumentative essays. Both require you to protect and prove your argument by providing a evidence to back it up. However, an persuasive essay tends to be more scientific and full of numbers and facts. In the case of a persuasive essay, you must convince the reader of your personal convictions. Your words should be used to substitute for factual information when you’re writing your essay.

Persuasive writing styles

There are three persuasive writing types. These are the appeals to reason, emotion, and also to character. You may better know these by the names of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Learn more about what each appeal signifies:

Logos – an appeal to the logic

The part where you introduce an appeal to logos presents concrete facts and convincing proof to convince the reader to decide to support your position. Every argument you’re making in this section must be supported by a solid argument. You can use different methods to support your arguments, starting with graphics and large numbers and then to charts. People believe statistical data as these are the results of some research you should do.

Pathos – an appeal to emotions

Pathos is about sharing your personal beliefs and positions that are based on your perception of the topic. Given that it is much easier for most readers to sentimentalize this, it’s the most accessible kind that persuasive essays can be. Most often, students employ pathos in relation to topics which require human morals.

To understand better the way it works, think about the following examples:

  • donations for homeless people and animals;
  • Bureaucracy in the workplace
  • death punishment ambiguousness, etc.

Ethos — appeal to character

The appeal to character involves certain elements of personal and argumentative essays. For such an article, you should show a specific personality as a character who has certain traits and virtues that will attract readers’ attention. The idea is to explain the character based on information to allow readers to judge if he or she is credible or not.

Strategies for writing to improve your essay

Students may choose between a variety of methods of writing when they are working on their persuasive essay. Following a specific model, it is easier to keep the structure of your essay. The following methods will work for various writing tasks as well. Here are some examples:


Stories are more effective when you want to make a point. The good thing about stories is that they are entertaining and can also hold readers’ interest for longer through telling a story that is consistent and engaging. A brief story inside the text is a great way to entertain readers and help them relax. The goal is to find the best place in which you can put a story of story.


Repetition is powerful. When you’re in the middle of a issue, you’d want to recall it every now and thenThis is what people call repetition. Think about how commercials work: you see the same annoying commercial each day, several times. Then, you’ll probably be tempted by that chocolate bar with peanut butter, even if you’re not into sweet stuff that often. When you reiterate certain points it is easier to convince the reader your beliefs.

A call to the action

As you cansee, there are two parallels with advertising. Call to action is an approach that you might see on TV as well in publications. When discussing a written assignment, a call for action is placed in the final sentences of the text. Writers make use of it to prompt a reader to take measures or do something about the subject matter. If, for instance, you write about garbage sorting, then the call to actions will encourage readers to sort their trash starting from this moment.

Dissidents and HTML0

It’s easy to overlook whatever does not correspond to your perception and your place in the world. When writing your essay you need to consider every viewpoint. Moreover, the paper must be truthful about the current arguments even if they are not yours to resist them. Your goal is to be certain that you’ve got enough evidence to discredit any other viewpoint.

The art of convincing can aid you in gaining the respect of any reader. Knowing your audience can help you choose the best method and which one is the most efficient.

Writing steps for your persuasive essay

While there are more that five steps, for sure, the following points you’ll notice are general and represent the most crucial points you have to consider. This is the sequence that include suggestions to make the writing process less difficult:

Prewriting tips and tricks for your essay

In the first place, these are not the magical tricks that can give you an unambiguous text. But, if you apply them correctly they can make the whole process much simpler to handle. Note that the start is crucial: if you do it right you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to complete your persuasive essay. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Find your way to take a stand. Choose a few things you are passionate about. Then, you can filter them according to their importance at the moment. Also, decide on your decision to defend in the paper.
  • Who are your customers? Consider your target readers and determine if you and your reader have the same opinions regarding the topic.
  • Conduct your research. You’ve probably guessed that persuasive essays are built on the facts and evidence. This is why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of the stage when you’re trying to locate the most reliable information. There ought to be a number of reputable sources. If you’re looking for an opportunityto do so, you can even talk to experts. Don’t forget about the counterargument as you need to be aware of different angles of the issue.
  • Select the most convincing evidence. It is necessary to have several definite pieces of evidence.

Make your essay more organized using the outline

The structural accuracy will ensure the cohesion of your work. It is possible to write without the outline; however this is not a good idea, apriori. So, make sure you save your time and make a plan. By using a structure, you will mark the text’s elements, make note of the arguments, and then attach each claim with evidence you make.

There shouldn’t be more than 6 paragraphs in your essay. Here’s a rough outline for you to understand the concept:

  • The introduction. Create a hook that will grab the readers’ attention starting at the beginning. Provide a short overview of your issue, and close your paragraph with a convincing thesis claim. Your thesis will explain your point of view.
  • Main body. The body paragraphs share a similar structure There must be a claim for each paragraph, explanation, and sufficient proof from a trustworthy source.
  • A paragraph that has an opposing view. The section with a counterargument is part of the body. In this section, you will need to describe the main arguments of the opposing view and refute these.
  • Conclusion. The final paragraph will recap everything you’ve said in the body part and link the arguments to an elaboration of the thesis statement.

Make a decision about the the statement

The term “arguable” means that it can be argued. It must either establish or disprove an argument related to your topic. To be debateable, a thesis has to be able to prove true. But, the thesis cannot be accepted by everyone as being truthful. It should instead be something that people can disagree with. A thesis could be an observation as well as an opinion.

observation and an opinion (the “why”) (the “why”) = the thesis

Seeing if your thesis creates an opposing argument that is powerful is a good way to determine how strong it is.

Common thesis pitfalls:

  • A thesis that is fragments.
  • The thesis is too broad.
  • A thesis is defined as an inquiry. (The thesis is typically derived from the answer to the issue.)
  • Extraneous information is included in a thesis.
  • The thesis begins by”I believe” or “I consider” or “In my opinion.”

The draft

Your draft is an unfinished version of the essay. Here are some points to take into consideration while writing your essay:

  • The hook should fit into the topic. It is possible to ask an argumentative question, offer the famous quote of a respected figure, etc.
  • The thesis statement should convey an unambiguous explanation of your position.
  • A paragraph in the main body is not able to have two claims . There is only one argument per paragraph. For evidence it must be backed by convincing facts; you can add some personal experiences here as well.
  • Mixing the techniques is a good idea If you think it’s appropriate for the topic.
  • If you have words in your work clarify these. You can’t tell if your readers understand the meaning behind them. You’ve worked for a while with the sources and understand them however your audience may not.

Note that revisions are essential when you are working on an draft. Here are the steps to accomplish while revising your draft

  • Do you use the words and data that demonstrate your conviction? Do you have enough reliable evidence?
  • What is your hook? Can it make a reader want to go on reading?
  • Are the body paragraphs in line with the specific requirements of the structural framework?
  • Do you refute your opponents’ claims effectively?
  • Does the conclusion contain all your arguments and restate the thesis assertion.

If you notice that something isn’t working or parts require modifications It’s high time to make changes to your draft.

Editing the essay

After you’ve fixed your essay’s structural flaws and have revised the content you are now able to begin the revision. Spelling, sentence structure as well as punctuation and grammar are the main things to look over by default. You must pay close attention to the voice and general style, examine whether the vocabulary used is relevant to the subject matter.

Your essay’s final draft

The most enjoyable part of the whole process is when you finally, write the variant of your essay that will reach the reader. Once you have finished you are able to read the essay to hear how it sounds. Make sure to record notes that you took during the writing process. You can also request additional feedback if it was your first time you wrote this type of essay.

List of topics for persuasive essays

  1. Should soda be available in cafeterias at schools?
  2. Should schools teach abstinence-only education?
  3. Why should schools be teaching the importance of financial literacy?
  4. Do all students have to go to college?
  5. Do students have to take a gap year in between high school?
  6. Do all students need to master a foreign language?
  7. Is homeschooling online or an effective method to learn?
  8. Are standardized tests the only way to determine whether you are able to go on to another grade level?
  9. Should all students be required to be involved with the arts?
  10. Do you think a college education should be completely free?
  11. Is it better to keep a school open all year round, with shorter breaks through the entire
  12. Do you think class ranks should be eliminated in schools?
  13. Should students be taught sexual education in the classroom?
  14. Are students able to attend public universities for free?
  15. What is the most effective method to change the behavior of school bullies?
  16. Do those tests, the SAT and ACT accurate ways to measure intelligence?
  17. Students should be able to learn sign language instead of learning a foreign language?
  18. Do the benefits of Greek life at colleges outweigh the disadvantages?
  19. Are students allowed to have phones at school?
  20. What’s the most fascinating subject to master?
  21. Should homework be compulsory?
  22. Does your school deal with bullying well?
  23. Are dress codes an ideal idea for schools?
  24. Are the school days too long?
  25. Students should be able to pick what they study?
  26. What school rule would you modify?
  27. Is it a good idea for friends to get together in class?
  28. Euthanasia should be unlawful
  29. Exotic pets are a significant threat to their owners
  30. Humans are naturally good